Yoga from an Ayurvedic perspective

In Ayurveda we consider each person is unique and believe that the way to optimum health is a prescribed diet and lifestyle that is unique for them. Along this same theory, yoga can be tailored to the individual. It's not about the type of asanas or creating a new style of yoga but more on realising that intention, pace, slight tweaks within a posture and the overall capacity can benefit you or cause more harm. The classes are for everyone, and they are a great add on to other classes you are doing as well as promoting a home practise.

 They will cover Ayurvedic inspired ideas to incorporate into your own practise with some asanas, breathwork, relaxation,visualisation and space to let it unfold to a meditative state. We take a topic from Ayurveda and use yoga as our playground to see how it fits for you as an individual. 

As a basic idea to illustrate the concept~


Vata dosha is light, dry, rough, mobile (hyperactive), dispersing, cold. It can be the cause of dry skin, constipation, and anxiety. Yoga that incorporates the qualities of grounded, warm, strong in bite sizes due to the variable digestive capacity work well. Going inward and silence also bring the wayward mind to it's centre.


Pitta dosha is hot, sharp, oily, intense and penetrating. It can be the cause of anger, skin inflammation, and diarrhea. The liver is the root cause of heat as well as the small intestine and we like to include twists and cooling postures to release some of that intensity. Pitta dosha does well by being playful as it can be over ambitious.


Kapha dosha is heavy, dense, cool, slimy, and moist. It can be the cause of lethargy/depression, obesity, and sinus congestion. In order to get flow going, there needs to be a lot of stimulation and shaking booty! Uplifting poses, invigoration, using up the immense stored capacity of Kapha is the name of the game.

Yoga & Ayurveda for Health

  • The purpose is to create a home practise for preventative health, which we build on each week.
  • General health recommendations will be made that can be applied to all regardless of body type.
  • Take one program or do them all and understand an holistic approach to your body systems.
  • For specific care, please get in touch for a personal session.
  • 4 weeks prepay $60 or pay by session $20.
  • Mondays at The Forge (Barker Street) 5 - 6.30pm

Breast and Reproductive Health

With breast and ovarian cancer being topical today, learn some Ayurvedic tips on caring for the female anatomy as well as a sequence to ensure the lymphatic clears the passages so that lumps, benign or otherwise, find it difficult to lodge and cause harm.

April 4th - 25th


Ayurveda considers digestion particular to your body type but you can do some general lifestyle and yoga practises to ensure that you gain the optimum from your food. Building your digestive fire is helpful in combating food sensitivities.

May 2nd - May 23rd



Stress, fear, anger, loneliness, depression, are some emotions that may feel like they go in a loop and there is no way out. Know there are simple tools to combat these feelings if you're consistent.

May 30th - June 20th


The concept of pain requires an approach not just through exercise but diet also. Your digestive and elimination systems are key to alerting you as to whether you are eating and moving right. And both movement and diet can work wonders for those with chronic conditions.



Depleting your system over a long period of time can lead to poor thyroid health, which becomes problematic in many areas of our health. Learn a yoga sequence and lifestyle recommendations that will keep your thyroid healthy to avoid dependence on medication long term.