Holistic healing means we look at every part of your life, from the food your eat to the exercise you do. I educate you about what works for your particular body type. I treat each client as an individual and prescribe accordingly.  My agenda is to empower you, not create dependency.

Body Therapies

Using high grade medicated oils from Kerala, body therapies assist in the healing passively. They can be taken as a stand alone treatment (with mini consult) or alongside your Counselling Sessions.  

Melbourne on Fridays

I'm offering counselling services on Fridays from Gertrude Street Yoga and Healing. Individual sessions apply or group sessions. Please contact me at for more information.

Ayurvedic Yoga Class

Learn how to use the principles of Ayurveda in a yoga practise for healing according to your constitution.        ~The Forge - 341 Barker St, Castlemaine         Mondays at 5 - 6.30pm ~

Ayurvedic Shop

Open Saturday mornings for Ayurvedic inspired items that can assist you in your daily care routine, beauty care and minor health ailments.  I am available on site for questions.


Keep posted with various workshops on offer from 6 week "Become your own practitioner" to one day events aimed at a specific topic. Or create your own topic and contact me for details.