Tactics come and go, strategy is forever

Reading this book called "Launch" by Jeff Walker and it's about start ups, which I have an interest in because it's the new way of thinking, it's the new positive and you really don't need to have a "start-up" to gain benefit from this way of thinking. Because the way I see it, we are always starting up our lives, always re-inventing ourselves. And I'm in the business of re-invention.

There's certain ideas and fads that come and go in healthcare. One I feel pretty confident in is the idea that one thing suits everyone. I can never get away from the idea that we all need certain vitamins and minerals but we all look different, have different melanin levels in our skin, some have naturally stronger tissues than others, some carry water retention and others don't. So when something is touted as a fix all for all, I immediately go into being a skeptic. I call this one a tactic.

Another tactic is looking at a disorder without the bigger picture, like weight loss. I have seen folks lose weight because they just need to move. I have seen others have to deal with something emotionally in order to shift the heavy feelings they are carrying. I have see some rest and relax and treat themselves to rejuvenation in order for the body to readjust itself. In all cases they needed to look at other activities outside of the idea of "weight loss". Anything that comes to you with looking at a specific area of chronic disease without looking at the bigger picture of your life seems like a tactic.

A strategy ties it all in together. It looks at your prakruti and considers where your activities in diet and lifestyle would serve you best. Are you manifesting your vision as a Pitta? Are you creating a lot of varied activities in your life as a Kapha and spending more energy than you consume? Are you learning to spread out your creative abilities in small doses as a Vata individual? Are you learning about what makes you happy and then looking at the individual pieces and seeing how they fit into the greater whole?

Wanting to be in balance or be healthy needs to come with the thought on what that looks like on a daily basis. If at any point you consider that life gets better in the future, for whatever reason, then there is a fundamental flaw in the strategy.....and it will be tactic upon tactic to try and find peace.

The idea of second best is the idea that you are placing as priority your Vikruti or the deviation from your true nature. It is using up energy to serve a master that won't return that energy. 

So instead of starting at disease and working to happiness, can you decide what makes you happy (strategy) and then use the tactics to remove the disease?

Happiness is your birthright.


Sandra Radja

Established in 2012 The She Oak aims to provide healing through diet and lifestyle counselling as well as educational programs. I believe in teaching others to not only know their inherent constitutions that will best serve them but also how to help themselves should they mis-align with their true nature. Ayurveda treats the individual not the disease.