The constipation of dark chocolate

And anxiety and dryness and nervousness. 

You cannot find fault with the myriad benefits of dark chocolate these days. Just go online and look it up. My raw cacao powder that I bought awhile ago is actually labelled a superfood (clearly for super elimination and digestive heroes) and tells me it is a source of potassium and magnesium. It's an antioxidant. I mean, who wouldn't want to include this in their repertoire. It also tastes awesome. Like some kind of mystical Mayan voodoo naked moon howling midnight stomp around a fire. Oh not for you?


Dark chocolate is bitter, which comprises the elements of air and ether, meaning PURE VATA. I tried to moderate or counteract the qualities myself. I bought this raw cacao and thought I would add it to hot milk, which is cold wet and damp, at night. I noticed I was constipated the next day. Took a couple of days and then a second separate incidence to deduce it was the chocolate.

Ok then, game on. I thought I could counteract the qualities of light, dry, constricting with adding ghee to my hot chocolate, nope. Then 2 tspns. Not really.

So that was the end of our relationship, like deciding those bad boys from high school would end up in jail anyways. It was a good time, but not sustainable.

I had the pleasure of observing this in a couple of clients recently too. They had experienced either the body issues as mentioned or extreme anxiety. One client was miffed that they had bought the best quality sourced from some Amazonian netherlands and yet, it was the culprit of her raised heartbeat and inability to function.

I'm slowly collecting evidence to showcase how ridiculous the idea of superfoods are. It continues to create the idea that you, as an observer in life, are separate from the thing you connect with.  For some, that do not exhibit Vata tendencies OR live in a Vata inducing climate like our dear old Castlemaine, would not react to this story. And rightly so. 

We are different. The foods you react to will be in accordance with the unique qualities you inhabit.

Before you decide what is good food and what isn't, test it. Simplify your diet and create a relationship with the ingredients. I know for a fact that when I'm in a lush environment and not working and lazing about drinking pina coladas, I can totally have a piece of dark chocolate and have minimal effect.

But here, in this dry and dusty snake skin wrinkled town, it's off the menu card.