Saying 'yes' is imperative to your well being journey

There is this little secret that I want to share with you, it's the difference between being successful in your well being journey and a life of being stuck and it's as simple as saying yes.

I was sitting with an associate who was lamenting on feeling stuck. I had made the suggestion of asking for what you want, putting the desire out there, and there was a motion of scorn and disbelief at the proposal. So be it. It's a shame that folks take that idea so literally, that there is actually a God person out there in the skies opening up mail saying "pssh, is he for real? does he really think i'm going to give him that?! Next!". Hmmm. What do you think?

That idea right there is the problem, that we wait for permission to be given something. 

Think of it this way - how about you ask, you say yes, and then you notice that there are more opportunities because the 'act' of asking or saying 'yes' kept you open and receptive. And your measly little mind didn't come up with excuses as to why not. Well being requires exercising the mind before you even begin the task of adding certain food and practises to your diet - it requires a kind of limbering up to expand your periphery.

An example could be like this -

  • Blocked Literal - I can't do the morning routine, it takes too much time, going down the list one by one.
  • Yes Idea - How about mixing two tasks in one, like swishing oil in the mouth and doing the dishes or oiling up the body and prepping lunch.

The purpose of seeing an Ayurvedic practitioner, depending on how they are trained, is to open yourself up to creative lifestyle ideas. But it's just not possible to move ahead without first coming to the party with the yes hat on. 

It should not be the purpose of the practitioner to constantly have to pep the client up and provide motivation, like trying to get a teenager out of bed for school.

Here's what I know. When someone really wants help and physically doesn't have the energy to motivate or the mind state, that's an easy fix. But when someone can't be bothered, and you want to pay someone to complain to, there is no regime in the world that can create that for you. You may find a practitioner that wants to take your money and keep you on the books for an eternity, but I don't consider the length of time will create well being without the desire of the participant.

People ask me what disease I focus on, and my answer is anything, as long as the client is willing. When the client is not willing to participate, I suggest perhaps a more traditional route, which is more intense and requires little involvement. And here's what I know - when you say yes, the most interesting words come out of my mouth. I have noticed time and again what I say if for you. There have been times when I would say something I don't recall knowing. So I know for a fact I am in reaction to your desire to be well. The more excited you are about it, the more you get from my service to you.

So it's up to you. One day you may be sick of being sick. And from that point, you can do anything.


Sandra Radja

Established in 2012 The She Oak aims to provide healing through diet and lifestyle counselling as well as educational programs. I believe in teaching others to not only know their inherent constitutions that will best serve them but also how to help themselves should they mis-align with their true nature. Ayurveda treats the individual not the disease.