I don't give a crap about the morning routine

Oh the last week was a monster for the routine. I tells ya, I stepped into the many shoes of my clients and understood the heaviness that accompanies the regular busy life.  It was too damn cold to get up and get naked and get oily.

Mostly it was about the sleeping in.  Sheer exhaustion resulted in an inability to just drop to sleep (seems ironic no?) and therefore I slept in to feel like I was catching some rest. Didn't work.  I needed a caffeine hit and still felt tired all day (and grumpy at times). 

The last two days I forced it - I got up early and I'm back into it again.  In bed by 9.30pm and I'm out like a light before 10.  Up at 6am and this time I've set the heaters to go at the same time.  And I feel fine.

But I was there with you all, for a short time.  X


Sandra Radja

Established in 2012 The She Oak aims to provide healing through diet and lifestyle counselling as well as educational programs. I believe in teaching others to not only know their inherent constitutions that will best serve them but also how to help themselves should they mis-align with their true nature. Ayurveda treats the individual not the disease.